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Make sustainability strategic with the Abundance Cycle


The Abundance Cycle™ is a business framework enabling you to unlock innovation.

The Abundance Cycle canvas helps you realize your organization's true potential for service, sustainability and profit.

We are entering an age where sustainable companies will reign supreme. Reams of evidence from books like Conscious Capitalism to Harvard Business Review articles and academic studies tracking stock market performance show sustainably focused enterprises outperforming their peers.

The Abundance Cycle™ helps companies look at each aspect of their operations, uncover latent value and spur creativity. Explore how to use the model and learn from others who are already creating abundance. 



The Abundance Cycle™ shows you how to harness your strengths and provides new direction.

A perspective that matches your potential 

Uniting people, profit and planet at each step of your business unlocks new opportunities.

Download the model and let us know what you think! 

Seeing the parts of your business

The Abundance Cycle breaks down your business into its core activities so you understand your competitive strengths. 



Receiving, storing, disseminating



Creating final product/service, packaging



Distributing finished goods



Promotion, pricing, salesforce



After the sale



Items created but not sold

Create a virtuous cycle

Apply an abundant perspective to your key activities and find opportunities to drive innovation. 



  • Improve the workplace

  • Build community

  • Solve social issues



  • Reduce risk

  • Cut costs

  • Grow sales



  • Reduce waste

  • Use waste as a resource

  • Regenerate natural capital

Five Steps to Create Abundance

Leading enterprises are adapting to a changing world by redefining industries and outpacing competitors in transportation, banking, retail, fashion and every other sector. Scrappy start-ups and industry giants like GE are remaking our economy by seeking abundance. Is your organization abundant?



Reconnect with the purpose of your organization to motivate employees.



Harmonize strategy and sustainability by building on your competitive strengths.



Use the Abundance Tactics to find new opportunities and spark innovation.



What is your purpose?

Every organization was started to fix a frustration, solve a problem or improve peoples' lives. Take a step back from your enterprise and reconnect with the purpose that drives you.

Which parts maximize impact?

Every enterprise has certain core activities that distinguish them from their competitors. What is your competitive strength?

Innovate & Identify Opportunities




Maximize your competitive advantage with the Abundance Tactics. Apply different tactics to your areas of strength to reexamine solutions, innovate & identify new opportunities.


Don't underestimate the importance of language and perspective in building bridges. Communicate with internal and external stakeholders in a language that resonates with them. Select initial projects that are achieveable and maximize impact.

Measure, Report, Repeat

Statistics aren't strategies. Measuring your carbon footprint alone disconnects abundance from strategy. Establish measures that are meaningful from the business, environmental & social perspectives. 

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