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The Abundance Tactics Library


Organizations of all sizes have achieved abundance with these
tactics and are reshaping the economy.

Use these abundant tactics to reimagine your enterprise.

Base of the Pyramid


The base of the pyramid is generally defined as the roughly 4 billion people living on less than $2.50 per day. Despite their low income, they are often overcharged for basic products and services. Serving the needs of this group has helped companies realize entirely new models of serivce delivery, product development and innovation.

Mobile healthcare network

Waste into resources

Stoves for the poor



Biomimetic companies look toward nature for inspired designs and solutions. With over 3 billion years of design through countless organisms, nature’s designs have a long track record of closed loop production, innovation and abundance.


Outsmart waste

Aerodynamic train design

Inspired by nature

Building Natural Capital


Engage in production practices that are restorative to the environment and that create economic growth.

Food with integrity

Protecting park lands

Carbon-negative community

Collaborative Exchange


A transaction using a means of exchange other than sovereign currencies. These exchanges increase economic activity and open opportunities by valuing items other than cash. Some transactions are facilitated with non-monetary resources such as time, labor or locally produced goods and services. Others use independently issued regional, national or global alternative currencies.

Skills for tuition

Time as money

Local currency, local economy



Use the power of the people to help you design new products or services, solve complex problems or fund new initiatives. Doing so creates a loyal following, generates fresh insight and reduces the cost of capital.

Over $2B crowdfunded

The free encyclopedia

Crowd car design

Impact Investing


Impact investing seeks financial, social and environmental returns. These investors understand that by building a stakeholder centered company you create a more robust competitive advantage through engaged team members, loyal customers and being at the forefront of opportunity recognition.

Growing rural prosperity

Public solar investments

Investing in shared future



Micro-enterprises operate on a small scale and generally have fewer than 10 employees. Over 95% of firms in the US and UK are micro-enterprises. These enterprises may be financed by micro-finance organizations, which provide financial services such as loans, insurance, etc. Micro-enterprises in developing economies often focus on products and services for the Base of the Pyramid.

Harnessing play energy

Maine coast chocolatiers

Light without electricity

New entities
New Entities


Businesses are using a myriad of legal structures reflecting their values, creating alignment around purpose, management objectives and fundraising.

Member-owned cooperative

B Corporation

Low-profit, limited-liability company

Radical Resource Productivity


Do more with less. Improving efficiency to make energy and materials more productive saves costs and resources. The first industrial revolution made one worker a hundreds times more productive, extend those gains to all parts of production.


Sustainable solutions

Cutting-edge efficiency

Regenerative Marketing


It’s time to throw out the old model of media marketing and unleash real creativity in your marketing strategy. Use your marketing dollars to raise awareness by connecting with the community, aligning with a cause and doing good in the world.

Exploring national parks

Buy one, give one

Air-purifying billboards

Service Profit Chain


Happy employees who understand customer expectations and are given the tools to exceed them remain loyal and create satisfied customers. These satisfied customers are loyal and refer others, leading to profitable growth.

Where inspired travel begins

Employee culture


Sharing Economy


Peer-to-peer sharing and rental of products or services. This $20 billion plus rapidly growing market reduces the cost to consumers, reduces resource usage and puts underutilized assets to work.

Neighbor car sharing

Small job outsourcing

For rent by owner

Solutions Economy


Solutions focused companies are interested in moving beyond product sales to sell services their customers desire. This is achieved through asset leasing or by providing the solution instead of a physical product. These companies align company and customer goals and upend the product cost structure.

Runway fashion for rent

Affordable solar

Google services



A venture or pricing mechanism that pulls apart complex offerings, providing a streamlined product or service. Unbundling disrupts the competition by reducing cost through specialization; lowering job market barriers to entry; and creating access to critical offerings in underserved markets.


Summer learning

Walk-in healthcare

Mobile phone banking

Waste = Food


Items previously thought of as waste or, more accurately, unsold production, are an input for new products. Eliminate waste entirely by redesigning production, saving resources and costs.

Sustainable office supplies

Capturing carbon to fuel growth

Re-purposing paper

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